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 Using Quora space to drive massive sales is the new marketing strategy as the Quora community continues skyrocketing with massive active users creating active human interactions.

Have you ever considered Quora as a possible avenue for brand promotion?

More than 300 million people each month visit Quora, an online question-and-answer community. That’s a far-reaching possibility you ought to take into consideration.

There are several ways in which Quora might help your marketing efforts, but this post will concentrate on one method: Quora Spaces.

Let’s start with a definition of Spaces before diving into how to leverage Quora Spaces for advertising purposes.

What is Quora Space

Quora Spaces is a recent addition that lets you organize groups and collections of questions and answers around specific themes. Unlike Facebook Groups, not all Space members have the same level of access to posting to the Space’s wall.

If you “own” the group, you can decide who gets to post and what they can post. Those who subscribe to the Space can read and re-post content such as Quora answers and site articles but cannot create new content themselves.

Spaces are a great method to get your material out there and boost your off-site SEO with inbound links. While it’s fine to market your business a little bit, the overall aim with Spaces is to develop a healthy community and share valuable material.

How to Use Quora Space To Drive Massive Sales

1. Create high-quality and Unique Content

Your Space is a fantastic location to contribute content authored by you or your business, so long as the content is pertinent to the topic of the Space (for instance, cooking, exercising, or traveling), which makes Your Space an excellent spot to do so.

Original content allows you to share your perspective or expertise with the community, whether long or short. Additionally, you have the ability to connect back to your website when it is acceptable to do so.

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It is important to keep in mind that the number of links you post on this page should be kept to a minimum. If you post too many links, your followers may consider your Space to be simply promotional, which would reduce its value and could affect your audience.

2. Build a Strong Community

Another strategy that worked well for me was building a strong community. I found that when I engaged with my audience and responded to their comments and questions, they were more likely to share my content and become loyal fans of my brand.

I also created a members-only newsletter, which gave my audience exclusive access to additional content and resources. By creating a sense of exclusivity, I was able to build a stronger sense of loyalty and engagement with my community.

Keep in mind that the purpose of using Quora Spaces for marketing is not to sell your products and services (although there is some space for that, as mentioned above) but rather to position yourself or your brand as the expert in your industry and as a source of rich information that followers will look to again and again.

So can you use Quora Space to drive massive sales ($100 – $1,000 Daily)?

The answer to that question is next; please read on…..

3. Indirectly Driving Sales Using My Affiliate Link Through Storytelling

When I first started my Quora Space, I was hesitant about the idea of monetizing it. I was worried that my audience would think I was being too salesy, and that it would hurt the community I had worked so hard to build.

However, after researching and talking to other successful Quora Space creators, I realized there were many ways to monetize my content without compromising my values or my audience’s trust.

One of the strategies that worked well for me was affiliate marketing. I started promoting products I genuinely believed in that were relevant to my niche. I disclosed any affiliate relationships upfront and only recommended products I had personally used and benefited from.

Doing this allowed me to earn a commission on any sales I referred without feeling like I was pushing products on my audience.

4. Share Other People’s Content That Interests You

You may also share related articles or Quora answers that you think followers of your space will find interesting to read through the Quora Spaces feature. Before you pass along the content of this kind, you should first consider whether or not the information you are offering is beneficial to the community.

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This is not the place to promote your affiliates‘ products or the brands of your friends; rather, this is an active group setting that you can use to reach a larger portion of your audience with beneficial content.

Even though this does not have a direct effect on sales, it does help establish some brand awareness and contributes to your overall off-page presence.

5. Encourage the sharing of content and comments by your followers.

Even if adding your own content to the community and sharing the content of others provides value to the community, getting followers involved in the action is just as crucial.

When done on a regular basis, encouraging members of your community to share articles and soliciting answers to items that have been shared goes a long way toward establishing your Space as an environment that is informed, vibrant, and valuable. In addition, it allows followers to start conversations, which enriches the Space for everyone engaged.

6. Shared Your Content on Social Media and Online Communities

Finally, I found that promoting my Quora Space was essential to driving sales. I shared my content on social media, joined relevant online communities, and participated in Quora’s Partner Program. By doing this, I was able to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue from ads and other monetization strategies.

How To Setup Quora Space

Setting up a Quora Space is a straightforward process that allows you to create a dedicated community around a specific topic of interest.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your own Quora Space:

Step 1: Sign up for Quora
If you haven’t already, go to the Quora website ( and sign up for an account. You can sign up using your email address or through your Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Navigate to Spaces
Once you’re signed in to your Quora account, locate the Spaces tab on the top navigation bar. Click on it to access the Spaces section.

Step 3: Create a New Space
In the Spaces section, click on the “Create New Space” button. This will initiate the process of setting up your Quora Space.

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Step 4: Choose a Name and Topic
Enter a name for your Space that clearly represents the topic or theme of your community. Choose a name that is descriptive and easy to understand. Next, select a topic category that best aligns with the subject matter of your Space.

Step 5: Customize Your Space
Add a cover photo to your Space to give it a visually appealing look. You can choose an image from your computer or select one from the available options provided by Quora. Additionally, you can write a brief description that explains the purpose and focus of your Space.

Step 6: Set Privacy Settings
Determine the privacy settings for your Space. You have two options: Public or Private. Public Spaces are visible and accessible to all Quora users, while Private Spaces are restricted to members only. Select the privacy setting that best suits your intentions for the community.

Step 7: Invite Members
If you’ve chosen a Private Space, you can invite members to join. You can search for specific Quora users by their names or email addresses and send them invitations to join your Space. Alternatively, you can share a link to your Space and allow interested individuals to request membership.

Step 8: Customize Space Rules (Optional)
If you want to establish specific guidelines or rules for your Space, you can customize them by clicking on the “Edit Space Rules” option. This step is optional but can be helpful in maintaining a healthy and productive community.

Step 9: Publish Your Space
Once you have completed all the necessary steps, review the information you’ve entered and make any final adjustments. If everything looks good, click on the “Create” or “Publish” button to make your Space live on Quora.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Quora Space. You can now start engaging with members, sharing content, and fostering discussions within your community. Make sure to actively manage your Space by moderating discussions, responding to member inquiries, and promoting meaningful contributions.


Overall, using Quora Spaces to drive massive sales requires a strategic approach that involves creating high-quality content, building a strong community, and leveraging the right monetization strategies. But with persistence and dedication, it’s possible to turn your Quora Space into a profitable online business.

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