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Instagram is no longer just a social media site; it’s also a realistic way for many people to make money. Do you want to make money with Instagram? Then it would be best if you saw this: Instagram statistics reveal 1.704 billion users worldwide on the platform in early 2023.

Instagram has changed the way people make money online by giving them a chance to use the power of social media to build a business empire that makes a lot of money.

If you want to use Instagram like a pro to make money, this exclusive guide is for you.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can use Instagram to start and grow a business that makes money and give you some tips and tricks to help you make as much money as possible.


Can You Make Money With Instagram?

Absolutely. In fact, Instagram’s top goal is to help creators make a living on the platform, especially as TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube become more popular.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, said at the company’s first-ever Creator Week in June 2021, “Our goal is to be the best place for creators like you to make a living.”

Instagram was the second most popular app in the world in 2021. It is the seventh most popular website in the world and the fourth most popular social media platform. Each month, 1.22 billion people use it. All of this means that there is a vast possible audience. There are many ways to make money online because so many different kinds of people can see your content.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Instagram?

Numbers are hard to figure out because creators and brands don’t like to talk about how much money they make.

On top of that, it’s hard to figure out how much money you make from Instagram. For example, if you sing a song on a Reel, the sound goes viral, and you get a record deal because of it, and then tens of thousands of people buy tickets to your concert, does that count as making money on Instagram? What if you posted food videos, linked to your recipe blog, and made money from ads on your blog?

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That’s how most creators get where they want to go. How much money you can make on Instagram depends on your skills, the size of your audience, how engaged they are, your strategy, how hard you work, and how lucky you are.

Here’s how much some artists and celebrities are said to have made:

Business Insider says that an Instagram influencer with 1,000 to 10,000 followers can make an average of $901 per post.

Brian Hanly, CEO of Bullish Studio, says that a creator can get between $100 and $1,500 for a swipe-up ad on their Instagram stories (a talent agency for influencers)

The amount Kylie Jenner is said to make per ad or sponsored post is $983,100.

It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo makes $1,604,000 per game.

Hype Auditor asked almost 2,000 influencers (most of whom were from the U.S.) how much money they made in 2021. What they found is:

The average amount an influencer makes each month is $2,970. The following statistic shows that average numbers aren’t the best way to look at things because the highs and lows vary so much.

Micro-influencers (accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers) make an average of $1,420 per month, while mega-influencers (accounts with over 1,000,000 followers) make an average of $15,356 monthly.


Top 3 Instagram Earners in 2023

One of the most popular ways for marketers to connect with their audiences is through Instagram.

It is also the most popular social network for most influencer marketing platforms. Many influencers are in different niches, and more are coming out daily.

Almost all brands and marketers have worked with an influencer at some point or plan to do so in the future. And most people prefer to work with smaller influencers because they are more natural and cost less.

But celebrities are your best bet if you have a big enough budget and want to reach millions of people with just one post. No one can match a celebrity’s power and influence or the number of people who follow them.

Here is a list of the highest-earning Instagram celebrities and influencers who can help you reach millions of people.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo Estimated Average Price Per Instagram Post – $2,397,000

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous football players in the world, so he doesn’t need an introduction. However, for all those who don’t know about sports, he is a Portuguese football player who plays forward.

Any sports brand would love to have Ronaldo as a spokesperson, and he does it well. He does a better job than most celebrities, who often mention a brand and don’t even bother to write a caption. Here’s one of his posts in which he talked about Clear shampoo.


2. Kylie Jenner Estimated Average Price Per Instagram Post – $1,835,000

Kylie owns the beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics and is one of the most influential people in the beauty industry.

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She is part of the famous Jenner-Kardashian family, known for the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The extended family became famous because of that show, but everyone has done different things.

Kylie is a famous influencer who gets paid $600,000 per post and usually promotes high-end fashion and beauty brands.


3. Leo Messi – The average price per Instagram Post for Leo Messi is thought to be $1,777,000.

Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of the most well-known football players ever. He plays for Argentina’s national team as well as the Spanish club Barcelona.

He has done numerous brand endorsements, not limited to products in the sports and fitness categories. Here is an illustration of his paid collaborative efforts with the food company Lays.

Below is the full list


10 Exclusive Instagram Guide


1. Build a Brand

Building a brand is the first step to making money with Instagram.

What sets you apart from other users on the platform is your brand. It’s what makes people want to follow you and interact with the things you post.

To build a strong personal brand, you need to find your niche and make content your audience will be interested in.

You can show your followers who you are and what you know by using Instagram’s tools, such as Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels.

2. Grow Your Instagram Followers

You need a lot of followers if you want to make money on Instagram. If you have a lot of followers, you can reach a lot of possible customers. There are many ways to get more people to follow you on Instagram, such as:

  • Putting up ads on Instagram to reach more people.
  • By holding giveaways and contests, you can get people interested.
  • Putting up high-quality content that is relevant to your audience regularly.
  • Using hashtags to reach out to more people.
  • Getting together with other people in your niche.


3. Engage with Your Instagram Audience

To get people to follow your content on Instagram, you need to interact with them.

To interact with your audience, you should respond to comments, messages, and direct messages (DMs) and use Instagram features like Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels.

Engaging with your audience shows you appreciate their support, making them more likely to stick with you.


4. Create High-Quality Instagram Content

When trying to make money with Instagram, making high-quality content is one of the most important things to consider.

Your content should look good, be informative, and be engaging. This will help you get more followers and keep the ones you already have interested in what you have to say.

Some suggestions for making good content are:

  • Using current hot topics and hashtags.
  • Sharing content that is either educational or fun.
  • Using pictures and videos of good quality.
  • Using the same style and color scheme.
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5. Enable Instagram Shopping

If you sell things on Instagram, you can make it easier for your followers to buy them by using Instagram Shopping.

You can tag products in your posts and stories and link them to your online store with Instagram Shopping.

This makes it easy for your followers to buy your products without having to leave the Instagram app.


6. Collaborate with Other Instagram Users

Working with other Instagram users in your niche is a great way to reach more people and boost your credibility. You can work with other users in the following ways:

  • Taking part in contests and challenges with other users.
  • Mentioning other people in your posts and stories.
  • Making content together with other users.
  • Getting together with other Instagram users for Live sessions.

7. Stay Up-to-Date with Instagram Features

Instagram is always changing, so it’s important to know about its new features and changes.

This will help you remain on top of developments and use new business growth opportunities.

Some of the newest things about Instagram are:

8. Monetize Your Instagram Account

Once you have a strong personal brand and a large following, it’s time to make money from your account. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, such as:

Sponsored posts – You can work with brands and businesses to create sponsored content promoting their products or services.

Affiliate marketing – lets you promote other people’s products and get paid a commission for every sale from your unique affiliate link.

Selling your products or services –  You can use Instagram to sell digital or physical products or services like coaching.
Brand partnerships – If you have a lot of followers, you can work with brands to build long-term relationships that include sponsored posts, brand ambassadorships, and more.


9. Use Instagram Analytics

You must know how your content is doing to make as much money as possible with Instagram.

Instagram Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you information about your account’s performance, such as the number of engagements, impressions, and people who see your posts.

This data lets you determine what content your audience likes and change your strategy accordingly.


10. Stay Consistent

When it comes to making money on Instagram, consistency is key. You should post often, interact with your audience, and keep your brand’s image consistent.

This will help get people to follow you and give you more credibility on the platform.



In conclusion, you can’t make money on Instagram overnight. It takes time, work, and consistency. But if you follow the tips and strategies in this exclusive Instagram guide, you can use the platform to build a business that makes money.

Focus on building a strong personal brand, getting more people to follow you, and making good content.

Engage with your audience, work with other users, use Instagram Shopping, and keep up with the latest features.

If you work hard and don’t give up, you can make money on Instagram like a pro.

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