How to Get Your Google AdSense Approved in one day

Creating digital wealth or earning income online has always been a goal for many individuals, but only a few know how to. YoFan is a platform I discovered while looking for a better alternative to Google AdSense.

After using the YoFan to create massive digital wealth for myself within 3moths testing it to be sure as usual, I feel obligated to inform my readers about it.

If you’re struggling to increase your AdSense earnings, can provide assistance in that regard.

What Is YoFan?

Yo.Fan, which I interpret as “Your Fan,” is a platform where content creators can share their pictures, videos, or links. It functions similarly to TikTok, but the difference is that Yo.Fan allows content creators to monetize their content through Google ads.

If you’re facing difficulties making money online through your content using Google AdSense; you may want to consider as a means to earn a substantial income.

In this review of YoFan, you will discover:

  1. How to register on the YoFan platform
  2. Ways to make money on the platform
  3. Tips for obtaining Google AdSense approval on YoFan
  4. The YoFan partner earning program
  5. YoFan’s policy for content creators
  6. The legitimacy of Yo.Fan
  7. The verification process and minimum payment threshold for is an approved platform by Google AdSense that enables content creators to create story-like posts or add links to their pages. Users can browse the content on your profile and sign up to receive notifications when you publish new content.

How to Register on YoFan

Registration on YoFan is free, but you need to verify your account in order to make money and connect it to Google AdSense.

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YoFan Sign up

Sign up on now.

YoFan offers two types of registration profiles:

  1. Basic Profile
  2. Verified profile

The table below illustrates the differences between the two profile types:

FeaturesBasic ProfilesVerified Profiles
Create postsYesYes
Get basic analyticsYesYes
Customer supportYesYes
Links pageYesYes
Post linksYesYes
Earn from Google AdSenseNoYes

Video Tutorial On How To Get Started With

Is YoFan a Better Alternative To Google AdSense? - Yo.Fan Review [$12k/Month] - 2

How to Make Money on Yo.Fan

  1. Create a Yo.Fan account
  2. Generate content: Create story-like posts or add them to your links page. Users can browse the content on your profile and sign up to receive notifications when you publish new content.
  3. Earn from ads via Google AdSense: has a partnership with Google AdSense, allowing you to earn directly from the ads displayed alongside your content.
  4. Share your profile: You can share your YoFan profile anywhere, add it to your bio, and share it on social media platforms. can also help distribute your content to reach new audiences.
  5. Link to anything: You can link to other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube using your Links page, or include individual links in your content. This linking feature can be used to promote affiliate products, your website, or any web content. The more audience you have viewing your content, the greater your chances of making money on Remember that not only the size of your audience contributes to your earnings, but also the location of your audience.

How to Get AdSense Approval Easily Through YoFan


The best way to make money on YoFan is through Google AdSense. Once you’ve created a YoFan account, you need to connect your account profile to Google AdSense to start earning. The following steps explain how to get AdSense approval on your YoFan account:

  1. Use a real person’s picture when setting up your account. Avoid using pictures of celebrities or popular figures.
  2. Add the link to your existing social media account (e.g., Twitter). Ensure that your Twitter account name matches your link (e.g., /johnmark = The name “johnmark” in the Twitter account link should be the same as in the link.
  3. Write a brief description about yourself and save the changes.
  4. Create a Google AdSense account.
  5. Copy your profile link (e.g.,
  6. Add your profile link (e.g., in the Sites tab of your AdSense account.
  7. AdSense will provide you with a publisher ID. Visit the YoFan settings page to add your AdSense publisher ID.
  8. Once connected, AdSense will review your profile, which usually takes less than 24 hours. Your AdSense account will start showing activity based on the views and engagement on YoFan.
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Once connected, you can track your earnings performance in AdSense.

How Much Can I Earn on YoFan?

The amount of money you can earn on YoFan depends on various factors, including:

  1. Audience location
  2. Number of Instagram followers
  3. Number of YouTube subscribers
  4. Number of Facebook friends
  5. Number of TikTok followers

Please note that these factors are not exhaustive, and there may be other variables that can influence your earnings on the platform.

YoFan Partner Earning Program; Alternative To Google AdSense

The YoFan partner program aims to establish a closer relationship with trusted creators and provide them with tools to build sustainable businesses. On this program, you can access additional features and participate in the earnings program. Some of the benefits of the partner program include:

  1. Ability to publish links that lead users away from YoFan.
  2. Opportunity to earn from publishing content on YoFan through ad revenue sharing.
  3. Additional customizations of profile pages.
  4. Early access to beta features.

Earnings on are primarily generated through ads powered by Google AdSense. As a creator, you will sign up directly with AdSense and receive payments from Google. The amount you earn depends on the views and engagement your content receives on YoFan Platform.

The sign-up process for the YoFan partner program is as follows:

  1. If you already have an AdSense account, add your profile page (e.g., johnmark) in the Sites tab of AdSense.
  2. AdSense will provide you with a publisher ID. Visit the YoFan settings page to add your AdSense publisher ID.
  3. After connecting, AdSense will review your profile, and within 24 hours, your AdSense account will begin showing activity based on views and engagement on YoFan.
  4. You can monitor your earnings performance through AdSense.
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YoFan Creator Content Policy

To maintain a safe network, YoFan has a strict policy for content creators. The policy is divided into two categories:

  1. Content not allowed on YoFan: This includes illegal content such as child sexual abuse material, hate speech, commercial scams, breaches of intellectual property rights, child grooming activities, harassment, or cyberbullying. Publishing such content on YoFan will result in a lifetime ban, and your data may be shared with authorities.
  2. Content not eligible for the YoFan partner program: This category includes sexually explicit content, shocking content with graphic imagery or significant profanity, content promoting explosives, guns and related products, tobacco-related content, recreational drugs, alcohol sale or misuse, online gambling, unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements, and other prohibited content according to advertising brand safety requirements.

Is YoFan Legit?

Yes, YoFan is a legitimate platform that allows content creators to share their content and earn money through Google AdSense. Furthermore, is listed among the approved platforms by Google AdSense.

YoFan Payment Threshold

The minimum payment threshold for YoFan is $100. Payments are made through Google AdSense. Once you reach the verification threshold, you will need to verify your Google AdSense account and add your payment details or preferred mode of payment.

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