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Meta Force Space has unveiled its inaugural segment of its proprietary Metaverse. Situated in Dubai, the global firm has finalized its Meta Force Metaverse nucleus and essential operational components.

Meta Force (DeFi platform)

Meta Force (DeFi platform): This is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform built on its cryptocurrency called “Force.” It offers users various ways to earn income, including:

  • Network marketing: Users can earn rewards for referring others to the platform.
  • Auto-upgrades and reinvestments: The platform automatically reinvests a portion of users’ earnings to increase their potential returns.
  • Spillovers and overflows: These are mechanisms that redistribute earnings within the platform, potentially benefiting all participants.
  • Play-to-earn games: The platform plans to launch games where users can earn Force tokens by playing.
  • Metaverse items and physical merchandise: Users can purchase virtual and physical goods related to the Meta Force ecosystem.

Meta Force Platform by Lado Okhotnikov

Meta Force (DeFi platform)

Introduced approximately a year prior, Meta Force emerged as the digital realm for networking marketing squads. The initiative’s trajectory aimed at amplifying its features to evolve into a comprehensive Metaverse.

Conceived by Vladimir, also recognized as Lado Okhotnikov, an adept in blockchain ventures and a prominent figure in network marketing. Within the crypto sphere, Okhotnikov is acknowledged for endorsing the liberalization of cryptocurrency businesses.

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Meta Force swiftly amassed traction as a platform facilitating rapid business integration. Presently, it hosts around 1.5 million engaged users.

Relying on the Polygon blockchain, the platform ensures decentralized governance and facilitates smart contract utilization.

Meta Force Space

Meta Force Space

  • Core Features:
    • Built on its own cryptocurrency, “Force.”
    • Offers multiple income-generating opportunities, including network marketing, auto-upgrades, spilloversplay-to-earn games, and merchandise sales.
    • Aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem where participants can earn, spend, and invest within the platform.
    • Incorporates elements of the Metaverse, allowing users to interact and potentially own virtual assets.
  • Technology:
    • Utilizes blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions.
    • Employs smart contracts to automate processes and enforce rules.
  • Community:
    • Fosters a community-driven approach, where users can contribute to the platform’s growth and governance.
    • Emphasizes education and knowledge sharing to empower users.

Smart Contracts: Meta Force’s Foundation

Smart contracts offer an ideal framework for the intricate dynamics of network marketing:

  • They encapsulate the multifaceted interactions within network marketing, ensuring equitable distribution of obligations and revenues.
  • Immutable by design, smart contract terms remain unaltered, even by Meta Force administrators.
  • Ensuring transparency, the system’s governance remains objective and equitable.

Meta Force Metaverse: A Business-Centric Domain


The eventual evolution of Meta Force culminates in the Metaverse, offering users a secure and conducive business milieu. While prioritizing business-centric functionalities, aesthetics primarily serve as an intuitive user interface, optimizing operational efficacy.

To enhance user engagement, especially for those dedicating substantial time to the platform, developers integrate gamified business mechanisms, encompassing the “play to earn” paradigm.

Forcecoin, rooted in the Polygon blockchain, emerges as Meta Force’s indigenous cryptocurrency, slated for listing on prominent crypto exchanges.

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Initial Phase of Meta Force

The preliminary phase of Meta Force encompassed refining foundational software modules, augmenting functionalities, and priming for Metaverse deployment.

Key enhancements encompass:

  • Revamping the Uniteverse block, is pivotal for computational tasks and project oversight.
  • Broadening the application scope of Forcecoin.
  • Unveiling Force Wallet and Marketplace, serving as commerce and transactional modules within the impending Metaverse.
  • Enabling users to procure virtual assets for future Metaverse endeavours.

About Meta Force

Meta Force spearheads the creation of a decentralized digital commerce platform tailored for network marketing initiatives. The culmination of this endeavour manifests as the Metaverse, seamlessly intertwining offline and digital enterprises.

Force Coin

FORCE, the native token of the Meta Force DeFi platform, stands as a prime contender in the “Force Coin” arena. Think of it as the engine driving the Meta Force ecosystem, a hub for various DeFi services like staking, lending, and potentially lucrative yield farming.

Owning FORCE grants you access to these opportunities, along with a share in the platform’s success through royalty bonuses.

Meta Force Company Information

  • CEO: Vladimir Okhotnikov
  • Email:
  • Company: Meta Force
  • Location: UAE/Dubai
  • Website: Meta Force
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