Short Story: How The Wise King solved Everyone’s Problem - 1

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a wise king who ruled over a small kingdom.

His people respected him greatly and built a befitting palace for him and his family. However, as time passed, his subjects became increasingly dissatisfied.

All along the streets and alleys, people gathered in small groups, discussing their problems.

So one faithful day, a riot broke out, and all the people of this kingdom gathered at the king’s palace.

Their leader began to address the king.

“O wise king, may your days be long
“But wise king, we, the people, are not happy with you.

Have you not seen the great suffering in this kingdom?

Have you become so blind living in this magnificent palace that you no longer feel the people’s pain?

O wise king, we are tired and will no longer be patient.

In 7 days, if nothing is done, we shall remove you from the throne and throw you and your family into the dungeon”

Aye! Aye!! Shouted the crowd.

Quietly the king rose from his golden throne.

Gradually, the noise died, and all eyes turned toward the king.

Despite the people’s suffering, they still respected their king.

For a moment, the king said nothing.

Then he began,

“My dear subjects, I have ruled over you for many years. I have not placed a heavy tax burden on you, and nor have I judged anyone unjustly.

The land has also blessed us and given us a bountiful harvest. But I understand your pains because I listen to many complaints brought to me every day.”

Nothing I say now will matter so I will say nothing. But I will only ask all of you to come back here in 7 days.

I promise that in 7 days, I will find a solution to all your problems.

I have one more thing to ask…
While coming, please find a good walking stick and come with it.

This stick will be essential in solving your problem”

The people were confused.

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How will the king solve all their problems in 7 days, and what role will the stick play?

This was not the reaction the mob leader expected, but there was nothing anyone could do after this speech.

A promise has been made, and a time has been given.

So the mob slowly dispersed.


On the 7th day with the Wise King

Very early on the 7th day, the king’s palace was already filled with the entire town people, everyone was carrying a stick, and the king was already sitting on his throne.

“My people welcome to my palace.”
The King began.

“I promised you that today, I will solve all your problems. It will be a long day, so we better start at once.

Before I can solve your problems, said Wise King, I will have to know what they are. So I want you, starting with your leaders, to come out and tell everyone your problems.

My scribes will write down all your problems as you narrate them, so make sure to tell everything”

A hush fell on the crowd.

“My people, we must start at once, because you are many”

So the people started to narrate their problems, starting with their leader.

There was no kind of problem that people did not hear about that day.

Many people were shocked to hear of horrible problems that their neighbor or someone they envy silently suffered.

There were tales of poverty, terrible sickness, debt, depression, mental problems, homelessness, etc.

Everyone, from the rich to the poor, shared their problem since a solution was promised.

Finally, late in the evening, the last person shared her problem.

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When it was all over, the wise king rose again.

The suspense was palpable, as everyone was eager to hear how his or her problem would be solved.


The wisdom of the Wise King

Some had terminal diseases and did not know how the wise king would solve their problem.

Then the wise king spoke.

“My people, I have heard you, and now I will fulfill my promise to you.

You have all heard each other’s problems
. Now, I was hoping you could pick up your stick, look for anyone with a problem you prefer, and exchange your stick with that person’s stick, and I, your king and my servants, will exchange the person’s problem with your own.

If you owe a debt, you can exchange your stick with any person who is homeless. I will transfer your debt to the homeless person, but I will also transfer his homelessness to you.

Or maybe your problem is poverty; then you can transfer your stick to someone with any sickness you like. My magicians will transfer the sickness to you, and the sick person will inherit your poverty”

We have little time, so start at once…

Everybody became confused for a while.

Then there was a stampede.

The terminally sick people who were about to die rushed at anybody with any problem and tried to exchange their stick with the person.
But when a poor man sees someone with leprosy or cancer approaching him, he will take to his heels!

People were running around scared for over an hour, and no successful exchange was made.

Finally, the mob leader pleads with the wise king to stop the madness before someone gets hurt.

“O wise king, may your days be long. We are sorry for our selfishness. We now realize the error of our ways.

Please stop this madness, and let everyone go home with his or her problem in peace. We realize now that no one is free of problems; even the rich that we envy are suffering and dying in silence”

O wise king, you have already solved our problems because now we are each grateful for our problems.

And as soon as they admitted that the king had fulfilled his promise, the wise king ended the meeting, and everyone returned exhausted but mostly happy.

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As we enter into the new year 2023

I do not know how this year has treated you thus far. It may have been good or not so good. But it doesn’t matter.

I shared this funny story of a Wise King with you so you realize that we all have our cross to bear.

Envy no one and focus on your life.

Anything can still happen for you in the remaining few days of this year. A single day is more than enough to change a person’s life!

I pray that your blessing will surpass all the previous 11 months combined in this last month!

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You will be blessed beyond your comprehension as you focus on your unique strengths and talents.

What seems like the end is often the beginning, and this end of the month will mark a new beginning for you.

Welcome to the beautiful beginning!


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