Force Coin Tokenomics

As we await the Force coin Launch by Meta Force, we need to talk about the “Force Coin Tokenomics” – the essential things you need to know Force Coin before the launch.

What is Force Coin?

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 2

Force Coin is the long-awaiting cryptocurrency of Meta Force on the Polygon network for transactions on the Meta Force UniteVerse and Metaverse.

What Is Tokenomics

Tokenomics is the study of the criteria that influence the features of cryptocurrencies (cryptos) or cryptographic tokens to produce economic value.

Tokens, like cryptocurrencies, are a type of digital asset that makes use of cryptographic technologies.

Now let’s talk about Force Coin Tokenomics……..

Why is Force Coin Tokenomics Important?

Tokenomics, a portmanteau of “token” and “economics,” describes all the factors that make a digital currency token valuable to buyers and sellers.

The features, goals, allocation policy, and emission schedule of a token all fall under this category.

Before putting their money into a cryptocurrency, investors should think carefully about these factors.

  1. Tokenomics is a key part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, allowing projects to deter unscrupulous actors, develop trust, and construct a robust, long-term environment.
  2. Tokens with strong tokenomics have long-term value, encourage early adoption, and have inflation rates that are kept under control.
  3. There are various measures investors might use when trying to understand the tokenomics of a project.
  4. CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are good places to start when researching the economics of a coin, but you should always double-check the facts with the project’s whitepaper to be sure you have it right.
  5. Investors can use this to better spot and avoid scams like “rug pulls.”

Key Metrics To Look Out For In Any Crypto Coin Tokenomics

When investigating a token or project, potential investors should look for the following details:

1. Token allotment and dispersal

Token distribution and allocation will be determined by the project’s executive team or the community during the pre-launch phase.

Tokens may be allocated to various teams (such as marketing and development), held in a reserve to be distributed as needed, or made available to investors during funding rounds.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial DEX Offerings (IDEOs) are two types of fundraising events that fall under the latter category (IDOs).

Members of the team developing a token may also be rewarded with tokens for their efforts. The amount of money a project is able to raise in its early phases can give investors some idea of how much the product is worth.

2. When and how many tokens will be released (Total Supply)

Investors should consider all three levels of supply (circulating, total, and maximum) while making decisions.

Tokens created but never distributed are not counted in the circulating supply but are included in the total supply.

The maximum number of tokens that can ever be created is referred to as the “maximum supply” (though not all tokens have this).

The producers of a thriving token would gradually expand the supply in circulation, but it’s vital that new tokens aren’t given too rapidly or too frequently; otherwise, the token’s value could suffer in the long run.

The future supply of a token can be estimated using the token’s emission schedule.

3. The value of a project on the market ( market capitalization)

The market capitalization of a project is a useful indicator of the value of its token supply in circulation, expressed most commonly in US dollars.

A project’s completely diluted market cap is another useful metric; it represents the project’s market cap if all of its tokens were in circulation.

A token’s future value increases as its market capitalization rises and its supply decreases.

4. Token design or model

Tokens can either increase or decrease prices in the market. Like fiat currency, the total number of inflationary tokens in circulation will never decrease.

Like Bitcoin, which has a hard cap of 21 million tokens in circulation, a deflationary token has a limited quantity.

A security token for fundraising purposes and a utility token are both issued by some projects following the dual token concept of some tokens.

The security token gives investors a stake in the business in exchange for financial backing. Users that have governance tokens have the ability to vote on the direction of the project.

By rewarding users for their continued participation in the protocol over time, governance tokens contribute to a more resilient ecosystem.

A utility token is a standard platform token that can be issued at any moment.

MakerDAO’s MKR token is a dual token model example due to its utility and governance tokens.

5. Additional Factors

Look into the people behind the initiative by reading their profiles on social media and professional networks like LinkedIn.

The success rate, practical applications, and technical analysis metrics of a token are also helpful.

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Force Coin Tokenomics

Below is the Force Coin Tokenomics according to Lado Okhotnikov; the CEO of Meta Force Ecosystem.

“Hi, friends.
I’m Lado Okhotnikov
I am here to talk about Force Coin tokenomics. We will discuss the essential things you need to know before the Force Coin launch.

This information will help you make profound and reasonable decisions.

Force Coin Total Supply:

The total amount of Force Coin is strictly limited, and it is specified in the smart contract and cannot be increased. By contrast, it can only be decreased as the burning algorithms are installed in the system.

However, the burning process in our tokenomics will not be as artificial as in many other cryptocurrencies. This will be the burning of the rest of the coins that are not used for some specific tasks.

Any planned action in our tokenomics has a clear and reasonable logic.

  • The maximum amount of the Force coin is 585,142,858 coins.
  • The majority of it will be directed to the Meta Force UniteVerse program.
  • The remaining allocations will include the liquidity pool, Metaverse development funding, team remunerations, and liquidity listing.

This reserve is prepared for specific tasks. After their completion, the unused coins will be burned. 80% of Force coins will be intended for release to the first users participating in the Meta Force UniteVerse. This is the only available option to get Force coins at the initial stage.

Force Coin Listing On Binance and Other Exchanges:

After the Force coin is released on the open market, the remaining supply for the Meta Force UniteVerse will be burned.

The users will no longer be able to get Force coin in the Meta Force UniteVerse. After the end of the initial period, you can eсquire force coins only on the open market. In the future, the emergence of a new Force coin is impossible in any way.

This algorithm is initially embedded into the smart contract. Thus, the scarcity of our coin will only grow with time. Moreover, there will also be various algorithms, increasing the coin’s value and demand.

And now I will explain to you how……..

At the initial stage, before the coin’s released on the open market, its price will be determined by a decentralized mechanism. It operates on the principle of automatic Deca-halving.

Deca-halving (or otherwise soft-halving) is an algorithm for gradually reducing coin mining rewards.
It has no abrupt shifts between different halving stages, like in Bitcoin, for example.

As is well known, the Bitcoin algorithm periodically decreases the reward for mining blocks twice. That transition is sharp, and the Bitcoin price rises rapidly after a while.

Meta Force UniteVerse Multi-Mining

In Force coin, there is no mining process requiring physical and electrical resources.

We refer to Force coin mining as the “Multi-Mining period”. This involves participation in a multi-level marketing program, hence the “multi” prefix.

The minimum amount of the Force coin issued during the Multi-Mining period is called a “Microblock“.

Meta Force UniteVerse Multi-Mining Package

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 4

The current Microblock is currently sold for 50 DAI.

The amount of each Microblock decreases, so the price of the Force coin constantly increases.
According to the marketing plan, the Microblock is issued and distributed to the partner network when a participant activates the first tier.

If a participant purchases the complete package, which costs 100 DAI, another Microblock is issued.
The coins from it are credited to the participant’s wallet. Still, they remain frozen until the end of the Multi-Mining period.

Meta Force UniteVerse Tier Activation and Coinset

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 6

The complete package includes both tier activation and a coinset.

Coinset is the number of coins you can buy according to your tier. Every subsequent tier and full package costs twice as much and contains twice as many blocks for distribution across the network and in the coinset.

How Does The Force Coin Price Change According To The “Soft-halving” Algorithm?

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 8

The idea is simple: the earlier you get the Force coin, the cheaper the price. Later, they become more expensive. Let’s take a closer look at the details of how it works.

In the beginning, the first Big Block is distributed. It is half of the total amount prepared for Multi-Mining.

The total supply for multi-mining is 468114000 Force coins.

The first half, which is 234,057,000 Force coins, is the first Big Block, while the second half is all the remaining Big Blocks. Each subsequent Big Block is always half the size of the previous one.

When the first Big Block is issued among the participants, the remaining 234057000 coins will also be divided into two parts: one half will be the new Big Block, and the other half — all the remaining Blocks.

And so on…….

There are 10 Small Blocks inside every large block.

Force coin distribution for the participants occurs in a particular order: from the first Small Block to the tenth. Each Small Block contains, on average, about 130,000 to 135,000 microblocks.

Every microblock in the very first Small Block contains 200 Force coins. When the first Small Block is finished, the second Small Block starts. There, every microblock contains 187.5 Force coins. And the number of microblocks in each tier remains the same.

The cost of the tier in DAI remains the same too, so the price of Force coin becomes slightly more expensive. Gradually, the content of every microblock decreases in the subsequent Small Blocks.

The entire Big Block is completed when the tenth Small Block is realized. Then the turn comes to the second Big block, starting from its first Small Block, in which there are already 100 coins per microblock.

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This is exactly twice less than what was in the first Big Block at the beginning. Thus, we have a complete halving cycle between Big Blocks, but it occurs gradually, without some abrupt shifts. So, the number of Force coins gradually decreases for the same tier and package price.

Meanwhile, the price of every coin is constantly rising. To receive Force coins during the Multi-Mining stage, the participant needs to activate the Meta Force Uniteverse tier.

By activating the complete package, you activate a tier whose payment goes towards distribution within the partner network and receive coins in your wallet.

The first complete package costs 100 DAI.

Meta Force Coin Distribution

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 10

The complete package of the first tier produces one microblock of Force coins for distribution within the network and one microblock for your wallet. At the start of the launch, there are 200 Force coins in one microblock; then, the number will decrease.

If you activate only one tier, the first one costs 50 DAI, and you can buy Force coins for an extra 50 DAI within 30 days. At the same time, you can also earn from the partner network.

Each subsequent tier is twice as expensive as the previous level and contains twice as many microblocks. And coinset in each next package also has twice as much.

In total, we have 9 tiers.

Details of the partner bonuses will be described in the Meta Force Uniteverse marketing plan in the following video. Thus, the price of the coin constantly increases. The growth is embedded in the smart contract, and this rule cannot be changed.

Meta Force UniteVerse Multi-Mining Payment Structure

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 12

During the Multi-Mining stage, all the payments for the Meta Force Uniteverse packages are made in DAI, which is immediately converted into Force coin; you will immediately receive Force coin in your wallet if you activate the full package.

The complete package is both participation in the Meta Force Uniteverse partner matrix marketing and coinset, which means purchasing Force coins at the current advantageous price.

If you activate only one tier, you do not receive coinset but participate in partner marketing.

Develop your team, and you may receive Force coins as a reward according to the marketing plan.

You also have the opportunity to buy your allotted limit of Force coins at the current price, corresponding to your tier, for 30 days. Just remember that within 30 days, the price of Force coins may increase, and you will receive fewer coins. The principle “the earlier, the better” works here.

You can specify how you want to receive partner rewards for marketing in your account. You can choose to receive payments in DAI, in Force coin, or in a 50/50 split. This option is, of course, ambiguous.

Many who choose DAI will lose their advantage, considering the possibility that the price of Force coins will grow. But everyone should be free of choice and responsible for their own.

So, at the initial stage, Force coin is only available to Meta Force Uniteverse participants in one of three ways. The first option is purchasing complete packages or part of the coinset accessible on your tier.

The limit of your coinset is available within 30 days. Then, if you extend the activation, there will be an extra coinset limit for another 30 days.

The second option is to receive Force coins through the payouts in the partner network.

The third option will be opened because some participants may want to receive partner bonuses fully or partially in DAI.

If they choose DAI, they give up their entitled Force coins. In this case, their uncollected Force coins can be bought by other participants. To do this, you must submit a request for buy-back in advance, freezing the amount for which you want to receive Force coin in your account.

Your request goes into the general queue of such requests; priority is given to those with a higher active tier.

The lower the tier in the Meta Force Uniteverse, the further back in the queue you are. In other words, the smart contract automatically checks the requests from the ninth-tier participants. Their requests will be the first ones to be fulfilled. Then the eighth tier starts, and so on, down the levels.

What if there is a situation where there is no request for unused Force coin?

In this case, the coins will not be held, as they will be sent to the parent pool, and no one will receive them. The redemption is possible upon a pre-request only.

Meta Force UnteVerse Tier Extension

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 14

Your tiers are active for 30 days. The extension of a tier can be up to 5 times cheaper if you pay in Force coins.

During the Multi-Mining period, Force coins will be frozen. But they can be used to extend the package levels. Otherwise, if you pay in DAI, it needs to be activated at the original activation price. Thus, even at this stage, despite the lack of movement in the market, the coins already have value, and it is better to promptly accumulate them as much as possible.

As soon as the Multi-Mining period ends, the next period starts. The coins will already be on the open market, and their price will depend on supply and demand. But in Meta Force, everything is already prepared to increase demand and reduce the Force coins supply.

Our coin will be needed for everything. All marketing plans will work on Force coin.

We will have a lot of products that can only be purchased with the Force coins. Users will come to our Metaverse, where they need Force coins for interactions. And there will be a wide range of interactions. Someone will be interested in a variety of games.

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Someone will want to build a business or get a job and earn money; someone is interested in acquaintance and further mutual activities, such as joint adventures, dates, workouts, etc.

You will find many different products in our Metaverse.

Our products will be evaluated when they get to market, but I guess you’ve already enjoyed the effectiveness of our network marketing.

Our program, known as “Classic“, has already attracted a million participants. But in the future, our network marketing will attract many more.

After all, it is much easier to build teams when you can tell them that Meta Force is a Metaverse and a whole Ecosystem. Therefore, let’s consider how marketing programs will create a deficit of Force coins. And, accordingly, it leads to a rise in their price.

There are several network marketing programs in Meta Force. Each of them requires Force coins for participation.

Obviously, the turnover of the marketing programs in Force coins will be much higher than in DAI. But the amount of Force coins is limited. So, the increase in turnover will occur through market-price growth.

This fact alone can drive up the price. But there’s more here than just the turnovers.
Some mechanisms within the partner programs will increase the Force coins scarcity many times more.

Meta Force UiteVerse Automatic Upgrade

As you know, the Classic program has an automatic upgrade. And if you want to receive 100% of the income from the partner network, you need to leave this function on to be automated. In this case, one of the payments is delayed in a special smart contract.

If you refuse to wait, you can withdraw your funds from there, but then you will receive 75% of these payments instead of 100%.

It is better to wait for the next payment to activate your next slot level. For you, this waiting situation is temporary and may not last long if you actively develop your network. But the amount of such delayed funds is increasing in the smart contract itself.

That means the Force coins are withdrawn from circulation, which increases their scarcity.

A similar mechanism will occur in the Boost program.

The OverReal program will also significantly reduce the number of available coins in circulation.

As for Meta Force Uniteverse, there is a unique mechanism there which also increases the value and the scarcity of the Force coin.

Moreover, it opens the possibility of passive income. To extend tiers at a price five times cheaper, it is necessary to use frozen force coin every month.

We are talking about the next stage when force coin will enter the open market. Accordingly, there will no longer be such a thing as a “full package”.Only the tie will provide different access levels to the Metaverse.

Frozen Force coin

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 16

Frozen Force coins can be of 8 types, depending on the freezing period, and each one will have its own ticker.

Hold-force coin-1 is a Force coin that has been frozen for 20 days only.

Hold-force coin 2 — for 40 days.

You may see the types of frozen coins on the table on the screen. The maximum, Hold-force coin-8, has been frozen for 200 days.

Hold-force coin 1 is suitable only for the 1st extension. That is, from the moment of the activation, you have 30 days until the extension. So, you have 10 days to freeze it for the first extension.

Hold-force coin -2 is suitable for the 2nd extension but can also be used for the 1st one.

Hold-force coin 3 goes for the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st extensions. And so on.

Hold-force coin -8 is required for the 8th extension and all the subsequent ones.

Participants can freeze the necessary amount of Force coins for future extensions
in advance by themselves.

But what if you didn’t have time to do this in advance and in sufficient quantities?

Meta Force Frequently Asked Questions

Force Coin Tokenomics: Things You Need To Know About Force Coin - 18

Will you have to activate the tier at the full original price?

An alternative way here is to buy frozen Force coins on the open market. Despite their frozen status, such coins have two options: trading in the status of the frozen coins and extending the tiers. This, in turn, opens the possibility of passive income for any user.

Anyone, even without participating in Meta Force Uniteverse; can purchase Force coins and freeze them to sell them later to the participants who did not have time to prepare frozen Force coins but needed to extend their tiers.

In logic, the price will be higher than that of the regular Force coin, but cheaper than the 5x cost for the original activation price of the tier. So, it will be beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. This mechanism is completely different from the usual schemes of passive income in cryptocurrencies.

There is no pyramid component here. Besides, there’s no empty speculation and no need to turn on the printing press for passive income. This is a healthy market mechanism that provides buyers with what they need. Meanwhile, we will continue to expand into different areas where the Force coin will be required.

I am confident there will be a massive demand for our coin.

So, what do you need to do now to acquire Force coin at an extremely low price?

Well, you need to become a participant in the Meta Force Uniteverse. If you are just a Force coin buyer, you must activate the complete packages.

Additionally, you can increase your amount of Force coin by leaving a request with frozen funds for buy-back.

Active participants can use all the ways to mine Force coins from the coinset through buyouts on requests and affiliate rewards. And the potential for opportunities in network marketing is unlimited.
I will talk about it in the next video.


We have unique tokenomics with a flawlessly thought-out strategy. Our coin lives up to its name.

Just like we are with you. And we are with you — Force!”

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