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During the last several years, I’ve used WhatsApp Business to market my wares and communicate with clients as the owner of a small company.

After hearing about it, I was interested in trying out this new WhatsApp Business hack.
To begin, I’ll provide some context for WhatsApp Business.

My company and others like ours may take advantage of this free tool by making a profile, interacting with consumers, and scheduling automated messages.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business powered by Meta. WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business Web help you to establish a presence for your company inside the WhatsApp platform, improve the effectiveness of communication with your clientele, and contribute to the expansion of your company.

You are able to use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp if you keep your personal and professional phone numbers separate.

It’s helped me keep in contact with my clientele and respond rapidly to their needs for assistance.

WhatsApp Business application download

doesn’t matter whether you are an Android user or iPhone User; there is a WhatsApp Business App to scale your business and triple your profits.

⇒WhatsApp Business – Apps on Google Play
⇒WhatsApp Business on the App Store

Why choose WhatsApp?

Customers should be met where they are already.

The business solutions offered by WhatsApp provide you with the ability to communicate with consumers through the use of messaging.

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Drive business results

Make use of dialogues to give more personalized experiences to customers, which will speed up the purchasing process.

Create relationships with your customers that will last a long time.

With rich messaging experiences, you can keep prospects and consumers delighted with your services and on the path to making a purchase. Keep your customers interested and satisfied.

WhatsApp Business Profile

You have the ability to add information about your firm to your business profile, which may include your business name and address, as well as its category, description, email address, and website.

When others look at your profile, they will be able to see this information very clearly.

A full and accurate business profile keeps your consumers informed and impresses potential clients. It has the potential to cut down on the number of messages you get asking for things like the operating hours of your firm.

Use the WhatsApp Business app to see your company’s profile on the platform. After that, navigate to Additional options, then Business Tools, and finally, Business Profile.

How to change WhatsApp business profile photo

  • Tap your profile picture, then tap Edit.
  • Alternatively, tap Edit on your cover photo and then tap “Add” or edit Profile photo.
  • Tap Camera to take a new picture or Gallery to select an already-taken picture. You can also tap Delete > REMOVE to delete your current profile picture.
  • Once you’ve chosen a photo or taken a new one, crop or rotate it as needed.
  • Tap DONE.

Note: Your profile picture is automatically made public. Learn how to change your privacy settings in this article.

Edit your cover photo

  • Tap Edit on your profile picture.
  • Tap the Cover photo to add or change it.
  • Tap Camera to take a new picture or Gallery to select an already-taken picture. You can also tap Delete > REMOVE to remove your current cover photo.
  • Once you’ve chosen a photo or taken a new one, crop or rotate it as needed.
  • Tap DONE.

Note that your cover photo is always visible to the public.

Edit your business name and description

  • Tap Edit next to the field you want to change.
  • Make your changes.
  • Hit OK or SAVE.
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Modify your business category

  • Tap Edit in the category field.
  • Choose up to three categories that apply to your company.

Edit your business address

  • Tap Edit in the address field.
  • Enter your company’s address in the Business address field.
  • You can also change your map location by tapping SET LOCATION ON MAP or UPDATE ON MAP. Update your company’s address on the map, then tap DONE.

Note: This only changes the location of your business on the map. The address you entered in the address field will not change.

Modify your business hours

  • Tap Edit in the field for business hours.
  • Tap Schedule.
  • Choose one of the following schedule templates:
    Open during certain times: Choose which days of the week you’re open by using the toggle. You can also give each day a specific set of working hours.
    Always available: Choose which days of the week your business is open by using the toggle.
    Only by appointment: Use the toggle to choose which weekdays your business will be open for appointments.
  • Hit SAVE.

You can also tap More options > Clear to reset your business hours.

Modify your email and website

Tap Edit next to the field you want to change.
Change the information you have.

Edit the linked social media accounts.

  • If you don’t have any accounts linked:
  • Tap Add Facebook or Instagram.
  • Tap Facebook or Instagram, then tap CONTINUE.
  • Log in to your account to add it to your business profile.

If you already have linked accounts, tap Edit next to your Facebook page name or Instagram handle to manage your linked account.
A linked account can be removed from your WhatsApp account or hidden from your profile.

Edit your catalog

  • To add to or change your catalog, tap MANAGE.
  • As needed, add or modify items in your catalog. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to make and keep up a catalog.

Modify your About information.

  • Tap Edit in the About field.
  • In the Select About section, you can write your own About message or choose one of the prewritten messages.
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Modify your phone number.

  • Tap Edit in the phone number field.
  • Then tap NEXT to start changing your phone number.

WhatsApp Business Hack

Make money with whatsaap business
Let’s discuss the latest hacking technique now.

E-books, online courses, and other forms of digital material may all be sold using WhatsApp Business. I used the hack in the following way with my own company:

The First Step: Creating a Company Profile

My first order of business was to set up a WhatsApp Business profile. I offered specifics regarding my digital goods and the buying process.

I also used the profile to share some reviews and testimonials from happy customers, which would help convince potential customers to buy.

The Second Step: Build a Landing Page

Afterward, I built a sales website where people could buy my electronic goods.

I made a basic landing page with information about my items and a “Buy Now” button using a website builder like Wix.

I optimized the site for mobile use since that’s how most of my clientele would see it.

The Third Step: Program Automated Messages

Using WhatsApp Business’s “Quick Responses” feature, I was able to set up automated messages that answered frequently asked questions and walked buyers of my digital goods through the checkout process.

Not having to reply to each message I got individually was a huge time-saver.

The Fourth Step: Advertise Your Goods

Lastly, I used WhatsApp Business’s promotional message tool to spread the word about my digital goods among my personal and professional networks.

I also took advantage of WhatsApp Business’s broadcast list to quickly reach a large group of people.

Adding a personal touch and some context about myself and my company made these emails seem less like spam and more like genuine communication.


This hack has helped me make money by letting me sell digital goods, offer consulting services, and tell my network about affiliate products.

It’s helped me earn more money and get my message out to more people than ever before.
This hack is only one example of how WhatsApp Business may be used for financial gain by entrepreneurs like me.

Obviously, all businesses are unique, so I suggest trying out several strategies until you find the one that works best for you. Have fun!

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