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Trust Wallet: one of the most-used cryptocurrency wallets globally has been recording several trust wallet hack. Recently, they came out in a public Twitter thread on February 8; an organized crime unit in Rome socially engineered its user, who lost $4 million. Click here to read full report.

The Fear Within The Crypto Space Due To The $4M Trust Wallet Hack

So how secure is your crypto on Trust Wallet?

How secure is Trust Wallet?

How safe are my digital assets on Trust Wallet?

Because several Trust wallets were hacked in 2022 and early 2023, these are some worries that most cryptocurrency fans have.

Ahad Shams, the hacking victim of the $4 million Trust Wallet hack, asserted that the hacker stole money from him by taking a picture of the balance in his wallet. He also said that the private key for the wallet could not have been found because it had just been made.

Trust Wallet’s Side of The Story – The $4M Trust Wallet Hack

According to Trust Wallet, the organized crime unit has carried out these scams in several Milan and Barcelona locales. It was discovered that victims were using multiple hot and cold wallet service providers on various types of devices in all situations.

According to Trust Wallet, the fraudsters pushed on in-person meetings and pretended to be investors in web3 projects.

According to Trust Wallet, the con artists who victimized Shams might have forced him to download malware under the guise of an NDA PDF file, and KYC data supplied to him.

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According to the Trust Wallet team, this would have allowed the hackers to steal the money after obtaining the proof of funds.

The wallet provider told its users that internal and external auditors had “security tested and pen-tested” its mobile app extensions.

It also told people that the best way to protect themselves from attackers and victims was to file a police report.

Not everybody, though, concurs with the Trust Wallet reaction. One user said that the victim said that they did not open the PDF on their phone. Several people see the occurrence as one more justification for using cold wallets.

Can Trust Wallet Be Hacked?

Indeed, hackers lack trust. Hackers may hack everything. Hackers may be found relatively easily.

Cryptocurrencies are a favorite target for hackers as crypto transactions are anonymous and usually irreversible. Because of this, it is hard to link the stolen cryptocurrency to the hacker’s real identity, and almost impossible to undo the bad transaction.

Your chances of getting your cryptocurrency back if your wallet is compromised are almost zero. Also, you must act as soon as possible to safeguard your funds if you believe your wallet has been compromised.


How Do I Know You’ve Been Hacked?

Hackers search the Internet for flaws or weaknesses they can exploit. Cryptocurrency wallets are getting safer as technology improves. However, hackers still use social engineering tricks like phishing scams to trick people into giving them access to their wallets.

You May Likely Lose All Your Funds In Your Trust Wallet If You Don’t Act Now

I’ve seen that many users are losing money on Trust Wallet even though they have yet to share their private keys with anyone.

I manage a few bitcoin groups on WhatsApp and Telegram. Several members have said the Trust wallet is less secure than people think.

It could be secured, or it could not. But I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any financial losses since I started using Trust Wallet.

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Before you assume that’s why I don’t participate in airdrops, consider this:

I’ll say this now.

In the past, and even now, I chase airdrops when I have more free time. What differentiates me from the others is that I work with several cryptocurrency ventures and concentrate more on trading and other crypto tasks. I use successful airdrops to learn things I can share with my fans on YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram.


Do people get hacked because they took part in bot airdrops?


To be honest, it depends. Giving only your public wallet address makes it impossible for you to be hacked.

Thanks to airdrops, they have your public keys so that no one can move your money.

By knowing your Twitter handle, am I putting you at risk of hacking? It is challenging! If only the hacker had access to my login information or had carried out an insider attack.


If your wallet can be compromised because I know your wallet address, then the core of the Blockchain has been destroyed. I don’t believe that.!

Potential Causes of Trust Wallet Hack

The Following Are Potential Causes of Trust Wallet Hack

  1. Several persons had access to your secret keys.
  2. On the Internet, you keep your private keys or seed phrase (email, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on).
  3. A contract address that wants to transfer your funds has your Unrestricted authorization to do so.
  4. Authorizing every popup request on Trust Wallet.

This is a common move among coiners and airdroppers, especially when performing a self-drop. When you send 0 BNB to receive an airdrop, you are most likely granting unlimited permission for potential hacking.

Stop This!

I apologize.

What can I do after giving several permissions?

Block all illegal BSC addresses from using your tokens right away. You will lose your money permanently if you do not ask now.

You need to take quick action if your facing Trust Wallet Hack.

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Suppose the attacker does not already have access to your funds. In that case, you should immediately make a new wallet and move all your assets.

Alternatively, you can rapidly modify your login information and turn on two-factor authentication to lock out the attacker for crypto wallet with 2FA feature.

If the hacker has already deleted everything in your wallet, make a new one immediately and discard the old one.

It’s important to remember that a compromised wallet cannot be used again.

In addition, if you intend to use legal means to recover your money, you can report your stolen monies to the police.

Examine your devices for malware after taking these steps. Cybercriminals can access a bitcoin wallet in several ways, but a common one is to use software that steals cryptocurrency.

If you think your wallet has been compromised, you should check all the devices you use to access your wallet for malware.

Call your bank immediately and inform them about any unauthorized transactions if you see any shady transactions or charges on your bank card or account (if those accounts are connected to your crypto wallet). If your credit or debit cards were linked to your cryptocurrency wallet, you should ask them to cancel them.

You can report the attempted transfer of funds from your wallet to a cryptocurrency exchange right away if you detect the attacker is doing so. Most exchanges have a “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process that can help you discover who stole your money, which could lead to their arrest.

Avoid becoming a cryptocurrency hacker’s next victim!

Maintain a lifetime of financial protection. Voicemails with a lot of regrets are the worst to listen to.

God gave us Blockchain as a gift; we must utilize it responsibly. Click HERE to learn how to earn daily to your Trust wallet.

What queries do you have?

Among all the earning opportunities listed above



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